NHT 3DL The new reference meter for the European Directive 2013/35/EU Download the brochure



The new landmark meter for electromagnetic safety

NHT 3DL is a brand-new electromagnetic field analyzer equipped with the most advanced technology.

Powerful, light, compact, fully non-magnetic with over 24 hours of operating autonomy and virtually unlimited memory.

It incorporates an operator interface based on a high resolution color touch screen display.

The user interface can be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi and displayed on Windows operating systems (PC, tablet) as well as on Android devices (smartphone).

In compliance with the 2013/35/EU directive, our device performs the weighted peak measurement (WP10) in real time. It is equipped with a section for complex signal analysis composed of an FFT analyzer and a complete oscilloscope equipped with triggers and markers.

While in broadband mode, NHT 3DL can demodulate and rebuild pulse radar signals with a Tau up to 500 ns.

In combination with the new 33S Triple Probe it can measure the static magnetic, magnetic, and electric fields from 1 Hz to 1 MHz in a disjoint/combined mode.